First thing first, there is no secret. The truth is there are no shortcuts to winning Google’s heart. (Social Media Today) Optimizing your social profile may take a little extra time and thought. It’s more than just throwing a bunch of keywords and images onto a page.

Keywords are still rather important, but you cannot just scatter them around your site and expect explosive results. An action such as that will most likely put you in Google’s penalty box. There are, however, a few simple steps to follow when you are creating a social media profile.

    1. Create A Custom URL
      As you go through the default settings of creating a profile, there’s an option that allows you to customize your URL. For example, let’s take a look at Pinterest:

      Ask yourself, what do you want people to see when they click on your link? What would make the most sense for people see when they search for you? If people know you by your name or company name, put exactly that. Always put the name that is most recognizable for you or your company. What happens if what you want is already taken? It is a bummer, but likely to happen. Sometimes adding a location (2020solutionsNJ) or changing it to last name-first name is helpful, and may even boost search results.
    2. Use Your Name In The Title
      While this may seem apparent, it is important to put your name or company name front and center.

    1. Upload Optimized Images
      First, it is a good idea to add a profile image because people like to see who they are communicating with. It is also important to name your image appropriately. (Tip: To stay organized, create a folder that is for a single social media profile.) If you are using an image of yourself or the logo of a company, name the image that person’s name: sallysmith.jpg or 2020solutions.jpg.Lastly, you should optimize your image’s size. This will help your page load at faster speed (Google will also appreciate this). Some profiles automatically optimize an image’s size, but to be safe, always optimize your images for web use!
    2. Add A Location
      This should be a no-brainer! People will want to know where you are located, and this will help when people are doing a search in your location.

    1. Link To Other Properties In Your Campaign
      By providing a link to your website or landing page, you are generating free traffic back to your main website!

    1. Write A Bio
      Your bio is a prime area to use your name/company name and keywords about your services. (Tip: Writing in third person will help with search engines. The Google will not recognize “I” but will certainly know who “Sally Smith” or “20/20 Solutions Inc.” is.)

These 6 steps are an important guideline for the initial set-up of your page and do not have to be followed exactly. It is okay to break the rules because sometimes what works for SEO doesn’t work for your online brand. You will have to pick and choose what’s best for your business. Good luck and have fun!

To learn more about how your business can leverage social media to increase sales, give us a call today at 800-538-0669. Our Social Media Management Program is designed to allow business owners to focus on their core business while we monitor reputations, makes updates, and engage followers across all platforms. We offer pre-designed packages or will be happy to customize a program to fit your business environment.

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