It’s that time of year again! It’s time for holiday cheer and shopping, specifically shopping for the best deals. Now how does one influence this holiday fever to get the most out of their campaigns? By creating a successful holiday marketing strategy! In this blog post, we will be discussing some useful tips and tricks for creating a successful holiday marketing strategy. (WorldStream)

  1. Create a sense of URGENCY
    Example: “ Save 10% on your entire order, offer ends Tuesday” or “Free shipping until Monday.”
    A sense of urgency prompts hesitant people to commit. When people see that a sale or deal is going to end soon, it create a sense of urgency making them want to act now so they don’t miss out on a great deal.
  2. Keyword Research
    This may seem obvious, but plenty of business owners don’t change up their keywords for the holiday season. It is still important to have your core terms, but don’t forget to target on seasonal searches. You can do this by using Google Trends and other online marketing tools to generate new keywords.
  3. Be Organized
    Keep your campaigns organized. This is something that should be done all year round, but especially during the holiday season. If you have seasonal products, it may be best keep those campaigns separate within their own ad groups. Having trouble visualizing the best way to set up your campaigns? Try breaking down your ad groups and keywords into a visual diagram. An organized campaign will make it easier to manage, modify and run time-sensitive campaigns.
  4. Use Paid Advertising on Social Media
    If you are not using social media, then you are already behind the curve! The holiday season is great time to start using paid advertising on social media. People spend a great deal of their time online so why not spend your ad dollars where people are going to see them the most?
  5. Web Optimization
    It’s always important to have an online destination for your customers to either buy from or learn more information about your company. It is even more important for your website to be optimized in order for it to perform fast and seamlessly. When a website is slow people tend to not stick around, and small businesses cannot afford to lose those customers. “57% of consumers will abandon a site that fails to load after 3 seconds” (businessnewsdaily) Don’t forget to make your website optimized for mobile as well! With Google’s new algorithm, your website will be penalized for not being mobile ready

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