1. True or False: Only dissatisfied customers leave reviews.
Short answer: False.

Most reviews tend to be positive, but it’s the negative reviews that get the most attention.
So how do you know what really motivates customers to leave an online review? The reasons for motivation are endless. It could be as simple as wanting to help future customers when buying a product or service, a customer had a bad day, or they had a good day… While there are endless reasons to why customers will leave online review, here are a few interesting facts.

Meaning even if the positive reviews outweigh the negative, the negative will still end up gaining more attention. Dissatisfied customers have a greater motive to criticize a business online. They know that by complaining publicly they will pull attention towards themselves and become an annoyance for the business.

2. True or False: The customers only ever look at the numbers of stars on reviews.
Short answer: Actually it’s not so short. This is true and false!

A study that was done to show the relationship between star ratings and restaurant activity found that an extra half star rating causes restaurants to sell out at about 50% at prime hours.
While the amount of stars can be eye catching, the people who are actually looking for reviews are not just there for the stars. They read the review as well. Someone may see a 5 star review, but when they actually read the comment it may be lackluster which causes suspicion. The same can apply to a 1 star review. Someone may write a bad review about customer service, but what does that tell someone else about the product? Nothing. Potential customers can vote that 1 star review out based on its lack of usefulness.

3. True or False: Only bad reviews affect reputation.
Short Answer: False.

While a bad review can feel like a punch to the gut, this can also be your time to shine! Bad reviews give you the opportunity to “project legitimacy and authenticity, correct issues that need correcting, steer potential customers away from a bad fit, and demonstrate care and service by how you respond.”

Don’t forget though to respond to ALL reviews, positive and negative.

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