Pokémon Go and Your Business

If you haven’t already heard about it, then now is the time! You’re going to want to know all about this new app that’s taking over everyone’s mobile phone. It goes by the name Pokémon Go, and yes, you do have to catch them all!



This new app was released only a few short weeks ago and, has already “surpassed Twitter in volume of Daily Active User (DAU) and has seen more engagement than Facebook.”
What’s so special about this app and why should a business owner, such as yourself, care to learn more? The Pokémon Go app has caused players to seek out their local eateries or favorite hang out spots, “many of which have been designated as Pokéstops where players can replenish on supplies, or as gyms, where they can train characters for battle.” ( time.com ) Essentially, it gets people out of their homes and into your business!

First, here’s a little bit about the app if you are not familiar with how it works.
Download and launch the app on your mobile phone. The app will prompt you to follow some steps and ask you to create a trainer nickname. After that, it’s time to catch some Pokémon! To learn in more detail on how to play this app check out ( imore.com).

Now, here’s how to use it to your advantage:
Become a PokéStop. If you would like to raise foot traffic and draw in more customers that are playing the game, you can request to become a PokéStop. You can go directly to their support page (Request Form), file a request, and submit a picture of your business.
What does it mean to be a PokéStop? Players can go to a PokéStop to pick up supplies such as Poké Balls, incense, and more. Once you become a Stop, you can use Lure Modules to attract players to your store. Learn more about Lure Modules here (bustle.com).



Host a Pokémon Hunting Party. Use social media and physical flyers to promote the event in your area. Give players a specific time and area where they need to show up in order to take part. Provide players with some kind of benefit for coming to the party; you can offer free drinks or food, discounts and prizes.

Show Us the Pokémon. Each player’s Pokédex (where they keep all their Pokémon) is very important to them. Let players show off their pocket monsters and offer prizes (free drinks, food, and discounts) for who has the most Pokémon, who has the most rare Pokémon, and so on.


Offer Charging Stations. Let players charge their phones while they take a break from catching Pokémon. “Offering smartphone charging stations to Pokémon GO players has proven to be an amazing opportunity to generate new sales and customers.” (forbes.com)


Provide Free Wifi. If you have Pokémon hanging out in your business, offer players your wifi to use. This helps to take the pressure off of using up one’s data plan. Many of these players are kids and they are still dependent on their parents’ data plans.

Post Your Pokémon. Do you have any Pokémon hanging out at your business? Post them on social media for players to see. Let one or more of your employees become an official Pokémon monitor. Let them be in charge of posting about new Pokémon that show up at your business. If you are lucky, a rare Pokémon will show up and you will see a wave of players at your business.


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