Finding the perfect words to enamor your readers can be a tall order, but it isn’t impossible. The key is to find what your audience is looking for and deliver it directly to them without making them feel as if they’re being bombarded and smothered. We’ve gathered some vital tips to help your audience fall in love with your content this Valentine’s Day.


  1. Show them that you care: If you’re strictly writing to appease the search engines then you’ve already lost over half the audience. Search engines do look for certain characteristics in your writing, but if you aren’t personable and original no one will want to read it. It’s important to keep the human interaction aspect and keep your audience coming back.


  1. Know Your Readers: The number one mistake businesses make when forming marketing plans is not doing their homework! It is so important to know who your target audience is and where they are finding you. Is it through word of mouth, specific social media channels, or search engines? Once you have this information you can personalize and tailor your content to directly interest your audience. For example, if your readers are primarily Millennials than making references to things that happened in the 70s would make no sense. Not only will half of them not know what you’re talking about but they also won’t be able to personally relate!


  1. Be consistent: You’ll never be able to build a loyal following if you’re not dependable and consistent. It’s important to have updated, brand new content so your visitors are seeing fresh information every time they land on your page. The best way to send a potential new client away is by having outdated information on your landing pages and blogs.


  1. Use visual content: No one likes to visit an interactive website and only see words. Images and videos are the fastest way to catch a potential customer’s attention and also increase your chances of the content being shared. Infographics, videos, gifs, and custom images are all great ways to grab attention!


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