Marketing strategies are not “one size fits all” when it comes to implementing successful promotions and campaigns. Many times, businesses try to tailor their content around monthly holidays, but this strategy can backfire when the holiday does not necessarily pertain to the business. It’s tempting to try to tailor your business into a holiday centered marketing campaign but it can cause more confusion than profit. Here are five things to ask yourself before launching your next holiday centered strategy:


  1. Does my business have anything to do with the holiday? For example, if you’re a real estate company does Saint Patrick’s Day really apply to you? If you’re a bar it definitely does!
  2. Does my campaign make sense? If you’re celebrating the first day of Spring does offering 10% off Christmas decorations really sound realistic? 10% off spring wardrobes, cleaning supplies or fresh haircuts definitely but Christmas decorations not so much!
  3. Does the holiday elicit certain emotions? Not all consumer spending is rational! If the holiday is a feel good day such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. make sure you focus your campaign on feelings to take advantage of the special day.
  4. Plan Ahead: At the beginning of the year, create a calendar of all holidays your business can pertain to. Research past successful campaigns that take advantage of the holiday and see how your business can improve on these campaigns.
  5. Timing: There is a fine line between planning ahead and simply annoying your customers. If you’re planning a Season’s Greetings holiday campaign, launching in August is too early. Find the sweet spot that’s not too early and not too late to ensure you’re successful.


When promoting your campaigns make sure you’re consistent across the board. Social media, traditional marketing, and email marketing should all complement each other and not contradict. If you need help planning your yearly marketing strategies or executing your content marketing, reach out to our office today at 800-538-0669!

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