Do you notice your sales numbers hitting a slump as the weather warms up?  This is a common trend in the retail and small business worlds, unless your business happens to be located somewhere with a heavy tourist pull.  Weekend sales during the months of June – August drop off as customers head out to enjoy summer activities.  The promise of a percentage off, a discount, or a free bonus item can bring customers out of the sun and in your door.

We’ve compiled some tips to help your business reach your target market and boost sales this season.

1: Make Mondays Work for You

Summer Mondays tend to see a jump in sales as consumers settle in for the week.  Capitalize by offering free shipping or incentive packages early in the week.

2: Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Water

Beached and lakes equal vacation, and people are generally more willing to part with their money when it comes to getting away.  Beachwear, picnic accessories, kid’s toys, and cameras and accessories are big summer items if you can offer them.  Also push the 4th of July angle for picnics and family time.

3: Home & Garden

Everyone likes to show off their gardening prowess in the warmer months.  Outdoor décor, garden accessories, and grilling essentials are key here.

4: Christmas in July

July 25th falls at the perfect time for a sale.  With some television networks playing holiday movies this month, take advantage of the spirit and offer holiday promotions.  You can also search other celebrations happening during the summer months. offers something for just about every day.  Find something that works for your business and go for it.


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