Marketing can be scary!  Anyone who has ever tried to grow a business knows that.  You don’t want to pour your budget into tactics that won’t work, and you also can’t continually spend your budget on the same old things quarter after quarter.

To really make a difference, you need to get over those fears and do the work!  Some people can find talking to your target audience a bit intimidating.  How often do we send a text or email rather than dialing the phone?  Truth is there is no better way to get to know your target audience than to speak to them.  It is the best, and fastest way to learn what they want, and what they don’t.

Think you’ve mastered talking on the phone?  Great!  Now step it up a bit.  It’s even easier to build relationships in person.  Conferences, Chamber of Commerce Meetings, Lunch & Learns… all these are avenues for personal connections.

And who likes being vulnerable?  Get used to sharing your thoughts.  Become a thought leader in your field.  Share your expertise.  Having intelligent ideas isn’t enough, your ideas have to be new.  Be a voice in your community and make your community better.

Now that you’re vulnerable, work on your transparency.  There’s only so much someone can like you until they get to know you.  Let your customers know what happens behind the scenes.  Share the good, and the bad.  If your company had a bad year, share it.  And talk about what you learned, what improvements you’re implementing, and what your plans are for the following year.

Finally, broaden your marketing channels.  Don’t let comfort stop you from progressing.  Continually try new, “scary” channels to maximize your chances at success for your business.  It won’t be easy, but these small steps toward pushing your limits could help your business grow.

For more ideas on broadening your marketing, or help navigating the scary choices, give us a call at 800-538-0669.  Our knowledgeable marketing reps will be happy to help.

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