With the rise of technology in our daily lives, many companies are racing to get to the driverless finish line.  Tesla is the obvious contender, and now we have Lyft, Waymo, and even Dyson pulling up the rear.

While all of this sounds great in theory, safety experts worry that drivers in semiautonomous vehicles could start reading or texting while behind the wheel and not be alert when needed to take control.  As drivers reengage, they must immediately evaluate their surroundings, determine the vehicle’s place in those surroundings, analyze any danger, and decide on a safe course of action. At 65 miles an hour, cars take less than four seconds to travel the length of a football field, and the longer a driver remains disengaged from driving, the longer the reengagement process could take. Automotive companies must develop a better human–machine interface to ensure that the new technologies save lives rather than contributing to more accidents.

That being said, Lyft is already offering driverless rides in the San Francisco Bay area.  Users who choose this option ride for free, and there are plans to launch in Boston by end of year.

Waymo drives more than 25,000 autonomous miles every week on city streets.  If you apply for their Early Rider Program, you can participate in the driverless technology and provide feedback for future improvements, but you have to live in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area to enroll.

And with Dyson getting involved, there’s a push for a more boutique experience.  The British inventor recently announced that his company will spend more than $2.7 billion to build a zero-emissions vehicle by 2020. With Dyson already known for its inventions, they have already invested in a company specializing in solid-state batteries, specialize in electric motors, and design products with air flow in mind.  With all of this already under their belt, they could be a real contender to the market.

The Future of Driverless Cars is certainly upon us.  And with the development and expansion of technology, it can be easy to be left behind.  For help integrating technology into your everyday business, give us a call at 800-538-0669.

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