Imagine a computer that can distinguish dog breeds better than a human being. In the past, challenges with programming to imitate brain activity meant that computer vision was not possible. But researchers have developed new methods of machine learning that may open the gates to a new frontier.

The breakthrough comes with recent advancements in deep learning or convolution neural networks (CNN). CNNs use historical data to train an algorithm that can predict an output when given a new input. The system is self-teaching, it doesn’t need programmed to recognize features. Instead, deep learning networks can analyze the layers of several image for shapes, edges and textures to better detect acute patterns in images on their own. In the example of animal breeds, the CNN is trained on thousands of images of animals, analyzing them for characteristics such as ears, tails, tongues and fur. Once the system is trained in all the plain and subtle similarities in the characteristics of a breed, it will easily detect a Boston Terrier from a French Bulldog.

Visual recognition is exciting because it can mean developments in medicine for screening and diagnosis or self-driving cars for people recognition. But deep learning networks are not just for seeing. Because these artificial networks are taught what output to produce, they can be adapted to any system, including business practices. Many people believe that AI innovations are out of reach but these advances are already underway and can mean big things for your business in the near future. CNN applications to business can ripple through your marketing strategy, sales, office operations, customer service and even decision making.

Marketing: Applications into consumer marketing means that neural networks can collect and sparse data about your audience to produce more targeted content. CNNs will give you information on programmatic advertising and give content recommendation.

Sales: Achieve higher sales with more personalized ads delivered to your consumers when they’re most likely to respond. Predictive scoring will allow you to focus on your most promising leads.

Operations: Office management will be simplified with CNNs enabled features like automated scheduling. Chatbots will screen and engage job candidates. Conference tools will summarize and prioritize notes.

Decision Making: Deep learning can make your business smarter with data-driven insights based on behavior and trends. Imagine being able to anticipate product modifications to meet your consumer base’s growing needs.

Customer Service: Any database of historical customer service data will inform neural networks on generating meaningful responses to customer queries.

The major boon of progresses in artificial intelligence with methods like deep learning is that the training algorithms will constantly improve, allowing consistent growth and faster results. With many large technology companies and startups already making large strides in developing this technology, you can soon expect to be integrating CNNs into your own business.

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