Your website is likely the first impression many people have of you and your company. Your site needs to be fully functional and mobile optimized, with most consumers browsing on their devices over their desktops.  An effective site requires frequent updates, ongoing maintenance, and updated security monitoring.  Take a look at our biggest tips for keeping your website, and your image, easy to navigate with a modern feel.

  1. Was your site launched before 2012? If so, it’s time for a facelift at minimum.  Chances are your site isn’t very user friendly and may be lacking updated imagery or video.
  2. Is your site ranking poorly in search engines? If you’re not on the first Google page, you may as well not show up at all.  It’s time to redesign your search engine techniques to keep driving traffic to your site.
  3. Is your site user friendly? If people browsing your page find it heard to navigate, cluttered, dated, improperly aligned on a mobile device, etc., they will move on!
  4. Are your analytics showing a high bounce rate? Bounce rate shows the length of time visitors are spending on your site.  The average bounce rate is around 45%.  Anything significantly higher than this likely means your load time is too slow, your navigation is confusing, or your design is not meeting expectations.
  5. Have you taken a look at your competitors? If their websites are sleek and modern while yours looks dated, you and your company are at a significant disadvantage.
  6. Do you know how to update your site, and is it possible to do? If your site is so antiquated that small updates and changes are impossible or require a third-party, it’s time to start over.  Your site should be on a platform simple enough for anyone on your staff to make changes.

If you’re ready to make the jump into 2019 with a fresh image for your clients, give our design team a call at 800-538-0669.  We’ll get your website and your brand into the New Year.