It used to be that we had to check the house twice before leaving to make sure we didn’t leave any lights on and the stove was turned off.  Now, with the rise of home automation, we can turn anything on or off with our devices.  In 2020, the worldwide home automation industry is projected to reach $21 Billion.

With smart homes, we’re able to:

Now, as homes are being remodeled, smart home upgrades are a popular addition.  Adding these features can make your home more environmentally friendly by saving power and reducing utility costs, as well as adding comfort and convenience.

If you’re not remodeling any time soon, you can still integrate smart devices cost-effectively.  You can replace your lighting with smart alternatives, and your thermostat as well, to see a reduction in your utility costs.  Video doorbells increase security, and smart locks make sure you never forget your keys again.

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