It is hard to ignore flashing signs, billboards, or televisions wherever we encounter them, even if we might not be attracted to the advertisements they show. Nearly 70% of Americans have seen a digital sign within the past month, and almost half recall a specific advertisement. The power of digital signage lies within the way that humans consume and remember information. In fact, over 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual, and people recall nearly 65% of visual information after three days, as opposed to only 10% of written information. This is a distinct advantage to digital signage marketing, which translates to effective and memorable advertising for your brand.

Digital signage is dynamic, allowing one digital sign to do the job of multiple printed signs. Multiple ads can be run in the same space that would be taken up by one traditional sign, making digital more effective and less intrusive. Further, relevant information such as news, weather, and trivia can also be displayed on a digital sign to capture and hold viewer attention. Digital signage is also easier to update. Advertisements and information can be created and updated within seconds, creating fewer gaps in communication between businesses and their consumers. Another advantage that ranks digital over print, is the interactive components. When used on touchscreen kiosks, digital advertising can invite customers into the marketing experience and encourage them to explore products for themselves. All of these aspects make digital signage more relevant and more memorable in the eye of the consumer, and therefore, more effective for the business.

In addition, digital signage is more profitable than traditional, print media. With print signage, the costs associated with labor, creation, installation, maintenance, and updating are high. Once a digital sign is installed, there are nearly zero upkeep or maintenance costs to keep it running. Prices for hardware and software are also dropping, which means the cost to create the sign is growing more affordable as well. Digital can be updated from any computer without special training, and without the need to reprint or reinstall print signs. These recurring costs make print a more expensive and slower process than digital. Further, the revenue generated from advertising makes digital signage a highly profitable medium with large margins. In fact, digital signs have been referred to as “the silent salesman”.

Digital signage is growing in popularity due to its inexpensive nature and profitable marketing returns. It is a fresh take on traditional print advertising, and keeps your business current and up-to-date. Digital signage allows businesses to reach more customers and create a lasting impression. To install and maintain digital signs in your business contact 20/20 Solutions at  800-538-0669.