Setting a New Year’s Resolution might seem like an obligatory attempt at making a lifestyle change for most Americans, but have you ever thought about applying the same mindset to your business? While most personal resolutions are forgotten by February, creating a set of goals for your business for the upcoming year can be a motivational way to enact changes. Instead of telling your employees all of the things they need to improve upon, set a resolution to inspire work toward a common goal. Help change employees’ mindsets when returning to work after the holidays. Instead of dreading another year of monotony, break the cycle by creating excitement towards a fresh start.

The best way to ignite your workforce is by including them. Ask your employees what they need to do their jobs better; they will be your most important tools in identifying problems, and suggesting solutions and improvements. By making your employees jobs easier, you are increasing the efficiency of your business, while simultaneously showing them that you care about their experience. Have your employees create their own resolutions for your company and examine the overlap in their complaints. This will help to expose areas of weakness that you might not know about, while also motivating your team.

Another resource in creating successful resolutions is your customers. By interacting and evaluating the customer experience you are no longer a faceless company. Instead, you are humanizing your brand and improving your services. This is a huge opportunity to improve your audience’s perception of your company and your customer service in the new year.

When creating these resolutions, the most important element is the reality of reaching them. It is pivotal to create specific and achievable goals for your team, otherwise they will discourage rather than inspire. When setting goals, be sure to make them specific. Instead of saying, “generate leads” implement your plan for generating leads. For example, “generate leads by expanding email marketing campaign and investing two hours per week into social media advertising/research”. This resolution demonstrates a goal and the plan of action needed to reach it. This makes for a clear, concise, and achievable resolution to motivate your team.

Setting New Year’s Resolutions for your business is a useful tool to optimize and improve your company. By taking your employees’ and customers’ complaints into consideration, you will be improving morale and perception of your brand while also solving problems. This will incentivize the new year and get your team excited to work for you and achieve their resolutions. If your new year goals include improving marketing, web design, or IT services contact 20/20 Solutions to make them a reality.