When the Pandemic started in the beginning of this year, I don’t think anyone expected the long-term consequences we’d still be facing in the fall.  With most, if not all, office-based businesses continuing to stay shuttered, our home offices have had to evolve to meet the needs not only of ourselves, but of our children who are schooling from home.

If you haven’t yet, you should invest in ethernet, adaptors, microphones, and a camera if you need them.  Being seen and heard clearly is essential to conducting productive business at home.  And remember to speak into the camera rather than looking at the subject on your screen.  We’ve all likely trained ourselves over the years to look people warmly in the eye while speaking so this may take some getting used to.

While you may be only formally dressed from the waist up, it’s best not to let your expertise slip.  Standing up to speak may help you refrain from slouching and leaning over your desk.  If you don’t have a standing desk at home, you can elevate your laptop on some sturdy boxes or books.  If you don’t have a ring light specifically for photography, a makeup mirror can light you without causing shadows that you may get with ceiling lights.

Be mindful of your backdrop as well.  Opt for subdued, tidy backgrounds.  Messy bookshelves or cluttered countertops should be avoided, as well as glamorous décor.  You may be lucky enough to have an ocean view, but this may give off the wrong optics for your coworkers or clients who may be struggling to balance work and home duties.  The struggle of balancing a career and homeschooling children may be taking its toll.

And remember, nothing is perfect.  A dog may bark, a toddler may burst in to sing you a song, and the doorbell may ring in the middle of your presentation.  Roll with the punches, remember to laugh, and know that everyone else likely understands and is having the same struggles.

As long as your base technology is up to par to handle your workload, you should be able to navigate these work from home waters relatively unscathed.  And if your home office tech needs a boost, give us a call at 800-538-0669.  We can help get everything running smoothly for your home-based business.