Funny that I would even ask that question since 20/20 Solutions, Inc. was a pioneer in the digital billboard space and began when print was the only option. The reality is what was a good idea and unique ten years ago is not effective today. Advertising your service or product to everyone is simply throwing away your advertising budget because not everyone can use or want what you are offering.

Geo-Fence Advertising makes far better use of your advertising budget and can even track the effectiveness of your advertising spend directly back to your business.

What is Geo-Fence Advertising? Geo-fencing is simply a marketing strategy that is used to reach a highly defined audience using the power of the internet. Unlike print, billboards or pay-per-click advertising geo-fence advertising campaigns can be defined to reach specific audiences who have a high probability of wanting your product or service. This type of advertising not only cuts down on the cost of a campaign, it also increases the amount of business that can be generated.

How is Geo-Fence Advertising Used? With so many different types of advertising media available, how does a business decide which type of advertising is the most effective? A business that spends the majority of its budget on advertising to everyone may be missing real opportunities for new business development. Print advertising is limited by the area that it covers and it cannot be specific in terms of viewers. The same is true for billboard advertising. There are times when the message is applicable to everyone and then it may make sense to incorporate print and/or billboard into your campaign. For most advertisers, Geo-fencing is the better option allowing an advertiser to specify the type of locations and behaviors their ideal prospect frequents or the behavior patterns they take, and then market to them across a PC, Laptop, mobile device, and even OTT for a period of time.

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